[vtkusers] How to dynamically update vtkTextActor input in an animation?

bdemin slavd88 at gmail.com
Mon Dec 31 07:17:44 EST 2018

I have a 3D simulation done in VTK with a text actor which displays the
current runtime. My inefficient way of doing that is creating a vtkTextActor
object in each frame which holds the current runtime in seconds as input and
deleting the TextActor from the last frame. All of that happens inside a
repeating vtkTimerCallback function. On each frame I create and delete a

Is there a way to dynamically update the SetInput() method of vtkTextActor
and then showing the new text on each execution of vtkTimerCallback? In
other words - using the same vtkTextActor and updating it on each frame
rather than creating\deleting actors.

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