[vtkusers] Issue with python wrapping in derived libraries

Kit Chambers kit.chambers.kc at gmail.com
Thu Dec 6 08:38:29 EST 2018

I am having and issue where by libraries built on top of VTK and wrapped using the vtkPython wrapping are not being imported properly. 

Essentially I have 2 projects:

project1/ - Contains vtkmodule1 and extends vtkImageData to define the object vtkCube. The object vtkCube1 implements a method CustomMethod1

project2/ - Contains vtkmodule2 and extends vtkCube1 to define the object vtkCube2. The object vtkCube2 then implements a method CustomMethod2 

Compiling and wrapping the libraries works fine except for when you try to access CustomMethod1 from the python wrapped vtkCube2. Essentially the vtkCube2 object misses out all the members of vtkCube1.

To help show/explain I created a git repo which replicates the issue here 

	https://github.com/batearedcollie/test-vtkwrap-shared <https://github.com/batearedcollie/test-vtkwrap-shared>

There is also a docker image which replicates the issue here  

	https://hub.docker.com/r/batearedcollie/vtkwrappingissue/ <https://hub.docker.com/r/batearedcollie/vtkwrappingissue/>

Any ideas or help would be greatly appreciated


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