[vtkusers] Color PolyData based on VolumeData

Radosław Furmaniak rastor.ragereaver at gmail.com
Sun Dec 2 10:27:24 EST 2018

Hi All,
I am trying to prepare a PolyData object from a series od DCM images and
color it using some transfer function. I managed to create PolyData using
I also have vtkVolume object with mapped colors, so I know that I have
correct color transfer function and I am able to map intensities onto
desired colors.
 What I am trying to do is achieve the same results colorwise with the
PolyData from ContourFilter. However, I do not know how to tackle this
problem. I have tried using ProbeFilter with PolyData as input and RGB
ImageData as the source, but the output is the same as input.
Any suggestions how to approach this problem or if I am going the right
way? I am fairly new to the VTK, so I do not know many of its possibilites
I'm working on Python 3.6 with VTK 8.1.1.
Any help is appreciated.
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