[vtkusers] 3D transformation

shayan moradkhani shayan.moradkhani at gmail.com
Fri Aug 24 08:26:53 EDT 2018

I have a little problem.
suppose there is a vector called "s1 = (2, 1, -2)". in my inverse kinematics
problem, when I move the end-effector, s1 changes length and orientation to
s2 = (4, 8, 2)
the start point of s1 is fixed with no rotation or translation.

my question is how can I find the required angles in order to rotate s1 to
the new orientation of s2.
I know in 2D, s1.s2 gives the angle and s1xs2 gives the rotation axis, but I
cannot figure it out in 3D.

and my second question is, is it better to perform and show this rotation
using RotateWXYZ(), Rotatex/y/z, or set user matrix?

any help would be appriciated

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