[vtkusers] Filled, interpolated, contour plots

Patrick Bergeron pbergeron at spiria.com
Fri Aug 17 00:35:51 EDT 2018

Why don’t you do this in a fragment shader instead?

I don’t know the nature of your data but it might be easier!

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On Aug 16, 2018, at 12:14, Tiago Brizolara <tiagobrizolara at gmail.com<mailto:tiagobrizolara at gmail.com>> wrote:

Hi all,

Anyone knows if it is possible to generate filled contours with interpolation among them in VTK?

(As in the image below, at the right - the image at the left would be a filled contour without interpolation)

[enter image description here]

I was thinking in triangulating a mesh departing from the points of a vtkContourFilter output.

But maybe there is something more at hand?


Tiago Brizolara
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