[vtkusers] Add error bars to a 2D scatter plot

Purves, Murray purvesmh at ornl.gov
Mon Aug 13 14:11:09 EDT 2018


Is there a way to add error bars to scatter plot data using VTK? I am currently plotting point data using the C++ API; there is uncertainty associated with the data I am trying to plot which I would like to visualise also.
I can't find any obvious references in the documentation to error bars; the only mention I have found is in a presentation at: https://na-mic.org/w/images/1/18/NA-MIC-VTK-Charts-2011.pdf, which doesn't seem to be a function that exists.

Sample code snippet:

// Chart source data is populated etc...

vtkPlot* sampleScatter = chartXY->AddPlot(vtkChart::POINTS);
sampleScatter->SetInputData(chartDataTable, 0, 1);
// Here is where I would like to add the error bars - 
// below method is from the link, and does not work

// Chart is rendered...

where chartXY is a vtkChartXY object and chartDataTable is a vtkTable containing the x and y data in columns 0 and 1.
Is there a way to populate error data for visualisation in a similar fashion to the above, or will I have to roll my own chart type?

Many thanks


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