[vtkusers] Understanding vtkAppendFilter ; interesting results..

Fcs ftpronk at engits.com
Wed Aug 8 11:55:53 EDT 2018

Hello Chiranjib,

Unfortunately that's not of any help, no. The cell connectivity of the
vtkStructuredGrid is known and calling SetPoints() is enough to create a
grid with all the correct connectivity, so I shouldn't have to insert new
cells. On top of it, the class doesn't have an InsertNextCell() method.

So I'm still trying to understand why I have to copy my vtkStructuredGrid to
a vtkUnstructuredGrid to have the vtkAppendFilter work correctly.  
The vtkAppendFilter documentation doesn't specify that a
vtk*Un*structuredGrid is required for it to work properly. It just states
that it will append datasets together into a vtkUnstructuredGrid..

Kind regards,


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