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There is one point that is not clear to me in your question. Do you want
the messages that would have been shown when vtkOutputWindow is hidden
to be discarded or to be shown when you unhide it? 

If you want it to be discarded, I suppose you could redirect it to
/dev/null on Unix or to nul on Windows and delete the redirection when
you want to unhide the window. 

If you just want to delay the output, maybe, you could redirect the
messages to an vtkStringOutputWindow to store the messages on a string
and when you want to show then, delete the redirection and call
DisplayText passing the string where you stored the messages. I never
tried this, but it seems reasonable to me. 
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Em 07/08/2018 19:15, Bel escreveu: 

> How can I hide vtkOutputWindow? No suppress by
> vtkObject::GlobalWarningDisplayOff() or redirect output to file, but only
> hide. (And show again after some time by something
> likevtkOutputWindow::GetInstance()->DisplayText(" ")). Thanks.
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