[vtkusers] How to display vtkMappedUnstructuredGrid with my Implementation class

dsbabkov dsbabkov at gmail.com
Tue Aug 7 01:45:42 EDT 2018

Hello, everyone!
I'm new to VTK and would like to use it in my project instead of my own
OpenGL rendering system;
I think, I need to keep data structures as it is and it seems I have to use
vtkMappedUnstructuredGrid class.
I found an example UGrid, which demonstrates, how to work with
To examine vtkMappedUnstructuredGrid I decided to modify this example. I
have implemented required by manual Implementation class methods and
replaced usage of vtkUnstructuredGrid to vtkMappedUnstructuredGrid with my
Implementation. But nothing is displayed... I was trying to set breakpoints
to vtkMappedUnstructuredGrid template methods to understand, what I have
missed, but it seems no methods called to request data information. Only
constructor, destructor and GetMTime, which seems not required to be
implemented in Implementation class.  
Here is my c++ code:  main.cpp
And CMake project file:  CMakeLists.txt
Please, help me to understand this template class and find my fault.
My OS is arch linux and VTK vtk-8.1.0 installed.

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