[vtkusers] Help in creating 2D mesh with correct scalars

SilveiraPO . tsilveira1993 at gmail.com
Wed Aug 1 12:46:25 EDT 2018


I'm making a 2D FEM program (using only quad elements), and after trying
your examples to assign scalars to the elements of my mesh, i got no good
Basically, i have 3 arrays:

1. The first one is the nodes array following this format: [x,y,z]*n in
which x,y and z correspond to the respective coordinate and "n" the number
of nodes

2. The second one, is the cells array -> [1node, 2node, 3node, 4node]*e,
where "e" is the number of elements.

3. And finally the last array is the stresses array -> [stresse]*e, where
"e" is the number of elements.

My question is, how can i assign the values of the stresses array to the
cells array. Basically assigning the stresses array as my scalars, in order
to render them on top of my cells.
Thanks in advance!

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