[vtkusers] VTK OpenVR issue and questions

Denis Ducreux denis.ducreux at icloud.com
Thu Oct 5 07:52:06 EDT 2017

I’m quite new to VTK coding ; I downloaded and compiled the last git master version and I would like to know :

1- When using Volume Rendering (such as in Medical4 example) in OpenVR, no volume is displayed at all in the VR Headset. When I try to add for example legacy .vtk files (in polydata) to the scene, the whole rendering is flickering, and the volume rendering is not displayed, but the polydata are displayed with flickering and lagging.

2- When using the OpenVR rendering, it is possible to clip the whole scene (choice from user’s menu).
How could I :
	2.1 - Map a slice from an ImageData Volume to the clipped scene ?
	2.2 - I have a data volume (binary raw, displayed after marching cube) and a polydata file (legacy .vtk) ; I would like to clip the volume only, not the poly data inside the OpenVR rendering.How could I do this ?

Thanks for your help :-)

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