[vtkusers] Deprecate Qt4

Dan Lipsa dan.lipsa at kitware.com
Wed Oct 4 09:26:02 EDT 2017

Hi all,
We are working to deprecate VTK use of Qt4.


After this merge request is in, VTK_QT_VERSION will be 5 by default and
you'll get warnings if you switch it to 4 and use VTK with Qt4.

You can silence the warnings using

You can remove all legacy features using
(You may want to do that if you compile with Qt5, to make sure you don't
use by mistake Qt4 features).

VTK + Qt applications using Qt5 need to use QVTKOpenGLWidget instead
of QVTKWidget that was used for Qt4.

We converted all VTK Qt examples and the examples from VTKExamples to
use QVTKOpenGLWidget.

Here is the pull request for VTKExamples

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