[vtkusers] Vector field visualization issue

lovstakk lovstakk at gmail.com
Mon Oct 2 17:26:40 EDT 2017

Dear VTK users, 

I am a novice VTK user and need help, I hope you have some time. 

1. I have created a structured grid and filled it with both vector data (a
velocity field) and scalar data (the velocity magnitude). This is set as
point data. The data is initially in numpy format and converted to vtk using

2. I visualize the vector Field using Glyph3D and everything looks great,
both vector direction, scaling, and color mapping is correct. Great so far,
very happy with the results.

Then the issue: 

3. I try to use vkStreamTracer to create streamlines from the exact same
data structure. It seemingly does use the vector field when visualized using
wither polylines or through a tubefilter, but: 
   a) I get strange vertical blocking artifacts, where the streamlines don't
cross (out_of_domain)
   b) The colors mapped are also way off, following the same blocking

Any ideas?

Best Regard,
Lasse Lovstakken

I inserted an image to illustrate:


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