[vtkusers] Size of labels in vtkScalarBarActor

Miguel m.nunes at fratoria.com
Wed Nov 29 10:38:11 EST 2017

Hi Cory,
thank you for your quick reply.
Unfortunately I am not able to provide this, as vkt is embedded in a complex
windows system. 

However, I edited the file vtkContext2DScalarBarActor.cxx to be able to
print messages. 
I have found out the crash come from the function /int
vtkContext2DScalarBarActor::RenderOverlay(vtkViewport* viewport)/
when /returnValue = this->ActorDelegate->RenderOverlay(viewport);/ is

I the constructor I see

/ this->ActorDelegate = vtkContextActor::New();
  vtkContextScene* localScene = vtkContextScene::New();

  this->CurrentViewport = NULL;

  this->Axis = vtkAxis::New();

Why is the localScene deleted? Do I have a old version of the code? 

I also printed the viewport size and the values are correct. 

I hope this helps.

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