[vtkusers] Activiz 7.1.1 Binary Build

davide bacci bacci.davide at gmail.com
Sun Nov 26 10:46:36 EST 2017

 Thanks Mark for sharing!

I'm trying to build ActiViz source against VTK-7.1.1 too, but with:

Visual Studio 2008 for gcc-xml and Mummy
Visual Studio 2012 Generator for VTK and ActiViz
Default C/C++ compiler
with .NET 3.5 CSC compiler ( for compatibility reason, but I could switch
to 4.0 version )
Windows 10 64 bit
CMake 3.4.1

In some way or another I finally compiled all, but it doesn't work :)
I created a simple project for testing, I've got an
AccessViolationException when calling vtkRenderer.Render()

   public virtual void Render()

Have you any suggestion?

I also tried to use your build version ( thanks another time! ) but I've
got an DllNotFoundException for Kitware.VTK.vtkCommonCore.Unmanaged.dll

Maybe I missed something important :)

Davide Bacci.

Il 09/09/2017 07:23, Mark DeArman ha scritto:

Since people were asking, I have uploaded the binaries for people to test
I am building with Intel C++ 16, an I have not yet sorted out the redist
issues with the standard Activiz installer.
Seems to be working fine with my standard Wix template.

I updated the VTK repo with a minor change to check for GCCXML during

I added CMakeCache.sample to each repo, to illustrate a typical


Visual Studio 2013 / Intel C++ 2016 / CSC .NET 4.0 (x86) Debug

When I get a little more free time I'll add a x64 build and update the

Mark DeArman
Cascade Acoustic Research
(253) 200-5353

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