[vtkusers] Creating a parallel version of vtkOBBTree.IntersectWithLine

Guillaume Jacquenot guillaume.jacquenot at gmail.com
Thu Nov 23 12:17:47 EST 2017

Dear VTK users,

I am using vtkOBBTree class to find the intersection of a ray with a mesh.

I am interested in running this method in parallel for multiple rays on
multiple CPUs or GPUs.

For time being, I have this Python snippet

obb_tree = vtk.vtkOBBTree()
points = vtk.vtkPoints()
cellIds = vtk.vtkIdList()
code = self.obb_tree.IntersectWithLine(pSource, pTarget, points, cellIds)

In this thread, I have a solution where I create several vtkOBBTree instance
in different threads with openmp


Is it the good solution wrt to performance?
Are there other VTK mechanism to speed-up computation?

Can VTK-m be a solution? Can VTK-m classes be used to build a vtkOBBTree


Guillaume Jacquenot
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