[vtkusers] Hidden static method vtkGenericEnSightReader::CanReadFile()

Todd Martin bookandpay at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 9 17:41:37 EST 2017


This commit has generated some discussion in recent weeks. https://gitlab.kitware.com/todoooo/vtk/commit/9b15f1354e1d7d1574f2f15e90097fd9d4b163da
If you use CanReadFile() from vtkGenericEnSightReader, vtkEnSightReader or vtkEnSightMasterServerReader perhaps you can clarify how it is being used.

I submitted a merge request to change the static method name to vtkGenericEnSightReader::IsEnSightFile() so that it still visible in descendant classes and then made vtkGenericEnSightReader::CanReadFile() non-static virtual. Now it is unclear whether vtkEnSightMasterServerReader should call vtkGenericEnSightReader::CanReadFile() because we simply don't know if the ability of the master server reader to read a file also depends on the file being an EnSight file. If that is the case, then the original implementation was wrong. Can anyone who uses this function please comment?

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