[vtkusers] get all unstructured grid data from vtk

awa5114 amine.aboufirass at gmail.com
Wed Nov 8 05:58:53 EST 2017


I am a new vtk user in python. I have an unstructured grid vtk file
containing the following:

POINTS       96 float
CELLS       96     192
CELL_TYPES       96
POINT_DATA       96
VECTORS vector1 float
VECTORS vector2 float

I would like to, using the vtk library available in python, obtain the
values of the vectors for ALL my points as a python or numpy list. I am
toying with the following example in the vtk library website


It's a nice example that shows some wicked functionality. But that's useless
to a new end user like me who needs to accomplish simple data extraction and
functionality. Could anyone please provide some additional insight on how
this can be accomplished? 


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