[vtkusers] Show 2D plane cut in QVTKWidget

bartolomei-luca at virgilio.it bartolomei-luca at virgilio.it
Thu Nov 2 16:39:14 EDT 2017

Hello everyone,

I am facing a problem of representation with VTK in a QT gui.

I have an unstructured grid and I am cutting it with three separate planes (xy, xz, yz). My objective is to show in three different QVTKWidgets the intersections of the planes with the grid. I would like to display the results in 2D in every widget (like an "image", let's say - so I need to avoid rotations).
I have tried to use vtkInteractorStyleImage so far. It works as I expect for the cut in the xy plane, but not in the other two cases. Is there a way to represent the results also in the xz and yz planes? 

I would like to avoid using vtkCamera, because I would like to have as much flexibility as possible. In my specific problem, the grid to be cut can change dimensions a lot from one case to the other.

Thanks for the help.
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