[vtkusers] distances in TubeFilter

Cory Quammen cory.quammen at kitware.com
Wed May 31 09:27:04 EDT 2017

I'm confused - why isn't the distance from the inner polyline the same
as the tube filter radius (to within discretization error)?

I don't think vtkDistancePolyDataFilter or vtkImplicitPolyDataDistance
will do that in the direction you want. Each require that the object
from which the distances are computed be triangle meshes, and your
polyline is not a triangle mesh.

Instead, you could use one of the point locators (subclass of
vtkAbstractPointLocator [1]) and set its input to the polyline. Then
iterate over the points of the tube and compute the distance manually
using the locator. Note that the closest point on the polyline may
fall in the interior of one of the line segments, in which case you
might be able to use vtkCellLocator.


[1] http://www.vtk.org/doc/nightly/html/classvtkAbstractPointLocator.html
[2] http://www.vtk.org/doc/nightly/html/classvtkCellLocator.html

On Wed, May 31, 2017 at 8:04 AM, Raphael Jakob via vtkusers
<vtkusers at vtk.org> wrote:
> Is it possible to calculate all distances of all points in a TubeFilter
> Object to the inner polyLine with implicitPolyDataDistance or
> vtkDistancePolyDataFilter or another fast vtk method? I want to score all
> points in the tube in dependence of their distance to the line, which
> created the Tube.
> Best regards
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