[vtkusers] Use python wrapping of VTK out of vtkpython.exe

Timothee Evain tevain at telecom-paristech.fr
Fri May 5 10:13:22 EDT 2017

Hi everyone,

I've compiled VTK into static libs with python wrapping. When I run the vtkpython.exe, I'm able to use vtk, which works as expected.
But now I would like to call the vtk binding from another interpreter, like ipython. I set the vtk path into python path, but when I try to import it, the import fails because no vtk*Python modules are found. In the vtkpython exe, these modules are found because they are set as built-in modules. 
Does that mean that the python binding of vtk are only callable from this exe ? Is there a solution to use theses bindings for another interpreter ?

Thanks in advance,


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