[vtkusers] Improve vtkPolyData Surface Quality

M. Jordan mjordan at live.at
Thu Jan 26 08:31:15 EST 2017


I have a .vtk polydata file which I load into my program with the vtkGenericDataObjectReader. The surface looks good but the triangles are visible to the unaided eye. When I import the same .vtk file into the tool "FreeSurfer ( Software Suite for Brain MRI Analysis)" the surface looks much better and there are no single triangles visible. When I enable "show mesh" in Freesurfer the triangle points are visible, but the surface itself is much better than in my VTK program.

How I can improve/interpolate my data to improve the surface look?

Thank you!<https://www.dict.cc/englisch-deutsch/visible.html><https://www.dict.cc/englisch-deutsch/eye.html>
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