[vtkusers] VTK web application

Eric Stanton eric at evinceinc.com
Wed Jan 25 09:53:19 EST 2017


I've been developing a VTK/Qt desktop application for a while now. It uses
vtkGraphLayoutView and other Infovis components. I'm looking in to what it
would take to create a web application that provides similar functionality.

What is the recommended solution or starting point? I see several
possibilities available: ParaViewWeb/Visualizer, LightViz, vtk.js. Would it
be LightViz, because it allows for a tailored user interface?

Both the ParaViewWeb and LightViz documentation say that they are meant for
scientific visualization, and among all of the screenshots and examples I
don't see any graphs. Does that mean it doesn't support the
rendering/interaction of vtkGraphs? Would I need to add that support
myself? Or does it just treat it as a vtkPolyData?

I appreciate any guidance.

Eric Stanton
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