[vtkusers] Coloring subvolumes

Tatarowicz, John tatarowiczj at battelle.org
Mon Jan 9 16:23:09 EST 2017

Hello All-

I'm a relatively new user to the VTK toolkit.  I am currently rendering medical CT data which has a color transfer function applied for the whole scan.  Suspect masses in the scan have bounding boxes (vtkBoxWidget) defined around them.  I would like to be able to toggle a change in their colorization (to and from red) in order to highlight possible cancerous masses.  Is it possible to change the color transfer function only in a subvolume such that a predefined CT number range has its color changed to red?  I would just change the color transfer function for the defined CT number range over the whole scan, but I want to only highlight objects in the predefined suspect areas.

John Tatarowicz
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