[vtkusers] writing time-dependent data

Bill Greene w.h.greene at gmail.com
Fri Feb 17 10:42:48 EST 2017

I have been trying to write time-dependent data to
an XML file using vtkXMLUnstructuredGridWriter.

I found an example,
that uses vtkTimeSourceExample to write time-dependent data to
an Exodus II file. Despite the word "Broken" in the URL, this appears
to work correctly. But when I modify it to use
vtkXMLUnstructuredGridWriter instead of vtkExodusIIWriter, only the
model data is written.

Can someone tell me if vtkXMLUnstructuredGridWriter is supposed
to handle time-dependent data, or if not,
how to write an XML file with time-dependent data?

I am using vtk 7.1.0.


Bill Greene

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