[vtkusers] Trouble compiling VTK 7.1.0 with MSVC 2015

Guillaume Jacquenot guillaume.jacquenot at gmail.com
Fri Feb 17 06:08:26 EST 2017


I have tried to compile VTK 7.1 with MSVC2015 in release mode. Below is
CMake command line that reproduces the bug.

I have faced two compilation issues with vtkNetCDF

First, compilation stopped because of a missing include file required in

I had to comment the following specific Windows include instruction to
// #include <sys/param.h>  /* attempt to define endianness */

Second, in file ThirdParty\netcdf\vtknetcdf\libsrc4\nc4hdf.c, I have an
error for line 3666
error C2177: constant too big
I also commented the lines, and compilation continues

The comment on the next line seems gave me the idea to also comment the non
compiling lines


I have checked the master branch and no evolution has been made to the code
since release 7.1.0

My CMake command line is

cmake ^
-DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX:PATH="C:/Program Files/VTK_7_1_0_MSVC14_64" ^
-G"Visual Studio 14 Win64" ^

Guillaume Jacquenot
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