[vtkusers] Issue of multiple vtkHandleWidget moving to the same position

Liu_tj tjlp at netease.com
Thu Feb 16 02:41:21 EST 2017


I want to draw some points on 3D model. Each point needs one vtkHandleWidget object. I use vtkInteractorStyle object which listens the LeftButtonPressEvent. When I press left mouse button on the 3D model, I will update the world position of vtkHandleWidget object.

My issue is: If all the vtkHandleWidget objects share the same vtkInteractorStyle object, then all the vtkHandleWidget objects will move to the position of last left mouse button press. If one new vtkInteractorStyle object is created for each vtkHandleWidget object, then the vtkHandleWidget objects can display at their right positions.

Where am I wrong?

Liu Peng

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