[vtkusers] Using MacBook trackpad freezes application

Enzo Matsumiya enzo.matsumiya at gmail.com
Tue Feb 14 19:16:06 EST 2017


Actually I wasn't even using Paraview; I experienced the bug with this
sample code:


I don't have access to my MacBook right now, but I will try to reproduce
using other examples.


On Feb 8, 2017 17:15, "Sean McBride" <sean at rogue-research.com> wrote:

On Fri, 3 Feb 2017 23:41:14 -0200, Enzo Matsumiya said:

>Hi David,
>I tested both with Qt 5.7.0 and 5.7.1. Sorry I forgot to mention this.

It would be useful to eliminate Paraview to know if it's a Paraview bug or
VTK bug.  Does it repro in one of the VTK example apps?


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