[vtkusers] vtkGPUVolumeRayCastMapper: Updateing ImageData after first Rendering?

Donny Zimmerman zmanvortex at gmail.com
Tue Feb 14 08:51:20 EST 2017

Hi Willy,

Instead of copying to the .NET windows bitmap you can just connect the
renderwindow to the picturebox with the following:


Donny Z.

Hi Willy,

You need to call Modified() on the vtkImageData, each time you update it,
for the volume mapper to reload the volume.

Hope that helps.


On Mon, Feb 13, 2017 at 8:42 AM Willy <Wiggerl at linhuber.info> wrote:

> Thanks for your reply, but i think i described my problem not detailed
> enough.
> I don't use vtkRenderWindowInteractor. I have a .NET project with .Net
> PictureBox in it and a C++ Project witch encapsulates all the vtk stuff. To
> show the rendered vtk image in my picturebox i set my vtkRenderWindow to
> OffScreenRenderingOn() and use the following method to Convert vtkImageData
> to a .NET Bitmap:
> void VolumeRenderer::Render3DImage(int width, int height, Bitmap^% image)
> {
>     _RenderWindow->SetSize(width, height);
>     _CurrentRenderer->ResetCameraClippingRange();
>     vtkRenderLargeImage* imageFilter = vtkRenderLargeImage::New();
>     imageFilter->SetInput(_CurrentRenderer);
>     imageFilter->SetMagnification(1);
>     imageFilter->Update();
>     ConvertRGBVTKImageToBitmap(imageFilter->GetOutput(), image);
>     imageFilter->Delete();
> }
> Each time the user moves the mouse, changes the color, ... i change the
> Position/Rotation of the camera or the vtkColorTransferFunction or
> wathever.
> And after that i recall Render3DImage to get the new Picture which i show
> in
> my PictureBox. After the very first call of Render3DImage the rendered
> image
> does not change anymore if i change the data in my vtkImageData (using
> memcpy). i guess that the very first call of Render3DImage copies my
> cpu-Memory (where vtkImageData is) to the gpu. If a change the vtkImageData
> after that it does not affect the gpu-memory.
> Am i rigth? what can i do?
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