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Luis Costa luis.costa at vektore.com
Fri Feb 3 12:02:01 EST 2017

The ONS_Tools_Mesh object is being allocated in a constructor in a cpp file. The problem is so bizarre that I can declare any extra functions on the private slots, but I cannot declare any public or private variables that this exception is throw. Right now what I am doing is declaring them as globals before the constructor on the cpp file, but that is not the most elegant way…


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I'm not sure this is a VTK-related problem, but the nature of the exception should make it not too hard to track down.


Your ONS_Tools_Mesh object is NULL. Are you saying it is not NULL when you do not define any additional member variables?


Where is the ONS_Tools_Mesh object being allocated?


- Cory


On Fri, Feb 3, 2017 at 11:21 AM, Luis Costa <luis.costa at vektore.com <mailto:luis.costa at vektore.com> > wrote:

Hello everyone,


I have a problem with a Qt project on VS 2013. I am using Qt with VTK and if I declare an extra variable, of any kind, (for example, if I declare the double* orientation) in my header file, it throws me this exception. I started a new project but the error persists. Any help you can get me to solve this problem?


This is my header file:


//#pragma once


#ifndef _ONS_TOOLS_MESH_H_

#define _ONS_TOOLS_MESH_H_


#include <QtWidgets/QMainWindow>

#include "ui_ONS_Tools_Mesh.h"


#include "vtkPlaneSource.h"

#include "vtkActor.h"

#include "vtkAxes.h"

#include "vtkAxesActor.h"

#include "vtkTransform.h"

#include "vtkSmartPointer.h"    // Required for smart pointer internal ivars.


//#define VTK_CREATE(type, name) \

  //vtkSmartPointer<type> name = vtkSmartPointer<type>::New()


class ONS_Tools_Mesh : public QMainWindow






       ONS_Tools_Mesh(QWidget *parent = Q_NULLPTR);




       Ui::ONS_Tools_MeshClass *ui;


       double* origin;

       //double* orientation;


       vtkSmartPointer<vtkPlaneSource> planeSourceOne;

       vtkSmartPointer<vtkPlaneSource> planeSourceTwo;

       vtkSmartPointer<vtkActor> planeActorOne;

       vtkSmartPointer<vtkActor> planeActorTwo;

       //vtkSmartPointer<vtkAxesActor> axesActor;             


private slots:


       virtual void slotScale(double value);

       virtual void slotIntervals(int value);

       virtual void slotPositionX(double value);

       virtual void slotPositionY(double value);

       virtual void slotPositionZ(double value);

       virtual void slotInc(double value);

       virtual void slotOrientationXY();

       virtual void slotOrientationYZ();

       virtual void slotOrientationZX();

       virtual void slotResetOrientation();

       virtual void slotRender(int state);

       virtual void slotResetOrigin();





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