[vtkusers] vtkUnstructuredGrid - How to write/read very large data sets?

scotsman60 doug at beachmailing.com
Thu Dec 28 17:11:51 EST 2017


I've been struggling for a few days with large vtkUnstructuredGrid. The grid
has 95 million hexhedral cells and ~150 million points.

I create the grid by reading in an hdf5 file and I'm able to visualize it. 

I'm also saving the grid using both vtkUnstructuredGridWriter and

My problem is that I am unable to read the files I write using the
corresponding Readers.

Paraview is able to read the legacy (non-XML) version, but when I use
vtkUnstructuredGridReader in a small test harness the import fails as soon
it hits reader.Update() with the following error

ERROR: In ..\IO\Legacy\vtkDataReader.cxx, line 430
vtkUnstructuredGridReader (000001C70722A950): Unable to open file:

The legacy vtk file is ~5.5GB (binary).

Can anyone help? 

Should vtk be able to work with files this size or is there a better
strategy for working with large data sets? 

The fact that Paraview can open and display the file I'm writing makes me
think that I SHOULD be able to do this....

Thanks in advance,


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