[vtkusers] How to debug vtkXMLUnstructuredGridWriter?

scotsman60 doug at beachmailing.com
Tue Dec 26 18:24:18 EST 2017


I'm using vtk through the Python API.

I have a large vtkUnstructuredGrid comprising ~95 million Hexahedral cells
and ~150 million points. I can successfully visualize this model - albeit a
little slow......

I created the model by importing HDF5 data, reindexing the data and then
populating the vtkUnstructuredGrid.

I'm trying to save the model using vtkXMLUnstructureGirdWriter and although
this appears to work (the Write() method returns 1) I'm unable to
subsequently read the grid into my code or Paraview.

In Paraview, I get the following error 

When I query the actual vtkUnstructuredGrid I find that the celltypes array
has the correct length - and of course I am able to render the model so I
believe the grid is OK and the problem is with the writer - or the reader.

My question is how can I debug either of these?



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