[vtkusers] vtkWarpVector/vtkGlyph3D array problem

Robby Aungst robert.aungst at gmail.com
Wed Dec 20 22:41:56 EST 2017


I'm having an issue where my end goal is to be able to have a set of warped
points displaying a variety of glyphs with different colors and scales. I'm
able to get it to work without the vtkWarpVector introduced to the
pipeline, but as soon as that is introduced the array that I'm using for
the indexes seems to no longer be found (as well as the scalar data), and
the glyph defaults to the first in the set and no longer uses the scalar
data for color. Is there something about vtkWarpVector where it doesn't
pass along arrays?

My working pipeline is:


I store a vtkIntArray on the vtkPolyData with
and then later use it on the vtkGlyph3D to set the indexes into my glyph
table: self.glyph.SetInputArrayToProcess(0, 0, 0, 0, "indexes"). This works
great, but when I change the pipeline to:


the vtkGlyph3D can no longer find the "indexes" array from the original
polydata. It can still find the "DistanceToCamera" array which is used for
the scale - I'm guessing because it gets created after the vtkWarpVector in
the pipeline?

I don't think that vtkWarpVector is supposed to remove the arrays, so
what's happening? Is there any other way to get the arrays to
Or some other way to combine vtkWarpVector and vtkGlyph3D?

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