[vtkusers] Unable to build VTK 8.0.1 vtkRenderingOculus

Andaharoo Andx_roo at live.com
Thu Dec 14 02:44:08 EST 2017

I'm trying to build VTK for Oculus. I think everything is setup fine through
cmake but when building the project on msvc2017_64 I get 

"void ovr_CalcEyePoses2(ovrPosef,const ovrPosef [],ovrPosef [])': cannot
convert argument 2 from 'ovrVector3f [2]' to 'const ovrPosef []'" in
vtkOculusRenderWindow.cxx line 174.

 And 'HmdToEyeOffset': is not a member of 'ovrEyeRenderDesc_' in
vtkOculusRenderWindow.cxx line 415 and 416.

I downloaded the Oculus SDK and SDL2. Built SDL2. Gave VTK the oculus root
directory, SDL2 directory, lib files, and ofc checked vtkRenderingOculus.
Also I'm using vtk 8.0.1.

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