[vtkusers] VTK web application

沈庄明 zhuangming.shen at sphic.org.cn
Mon Dec 11 21:33:58 EST 2017

​Hi all,

I referred vtkweb/launcher.py in VTK 8.0.0 to write my own codes with twisted 17.1.0 and autobahn 0.8.14, it can work using python 2.7. But when I upgraded python to 3.4, it did not respond to http request, and in front-end displayed "404 No such Resource". So I wonder if launcher.py can support python 3.x? Need to modify something? Any suggestions are welcome.

BTW, I noticed that launcher.py has been removed in VTK 8.1.0. Does that mean VTK web application use a new architecture?


Zhuangming Shen
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