[vtkusers] problem creating a vtu file with a VTK polyhedron

JFSLB at gmx.de JFSLB at gmx.de
Sun Dec 10 16:08:44 EST 2017

I have reversed the order in "faces" so that the normals of the polygons point outwards, but he image is still the same. I have also reversed the order in "connectivity" but that did not help. For some reason two polygons (one in the x-y-plane and one in the x-z-plane) are rendered as a polygons with 4 points although they contain 5 points.

When I generated the data set there were some duplicated vertices, i.e. vertices with identical coordinates but different index and only one of the polygons was rendered incorrectly. I eliminated the duplicates and the second polygon was rendered incorrectly. I have no idea if that helps.

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