[vtkusers] Antialiasing questions on 8.1.0.rc2

Langer, Stephen A. (Fed) stephen.langer at nist.gov
Thu Dec 7 16:51:04 EST 2017

Hi --

I'm trying out 8.1.0.rc2 and it says that antialiasing with vtkRenderWindow::SetAAFrames is deprecated, so I tried using SetMultiSamples instead.   If I set a non-trivial number of samples before the first call to Render, it works, but if I change the the number of samples and call Render again, it has no effect.  Is this expected?  Do I have to do something else to get the sampling to change?  This is using vtkCocoaRenderWindow.

Is there a different substitute for SetAAFrames?  SetMultiSamples also has no effect on a Linux VM where I'm using vtkXOpenGLRenderWindow.  I'm guessing that's because the VM has no hardware graphics acceleration.  Is there a non-deprecated replacement for SetAAFrames that doesn't rely on hardware?


 -- Steve

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