[vtkusers] SafeDownCast does not work properly

Maximilian Weiherer weiherer.maximilian at gmx.de
Wed Aug 9 11:50:17 EDT 2017

Hi all, 


I defined my own mesh class (named Mesh) by inheriting from vtkPolyData. Now
I am struggling with the SafeDownCast method in order to cast a vtkPolyData
object into a Mesh object. Whenever I am applying a SafeDownCast to a
vtkPolyData object, NULL is returned.


The Mesh class looks as follows:


class Mesh : public vtkPolyData



    static Mesh* New();

    vtkTypeMacro(Mesh, vtkPolyData);

    void PrintSelf(ostream& os, vtkIndent indent);






    Mesh(const Mesh&); // Not implemented.

    void operator=(const Mesh&); // Not implemented.



.and this is the cast that does not work properly:


Mesh* mesh = Mesh::SafeDownCast(<vtkPolyData object>); // mesh always equals


Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!


Best regards


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