[vtkusers] How to change Character Set to Unicode?

chensq chenshaoqiang at buaa.edu.cn
Tue Aug 8 19:47:39 EDT 2017

When I changed my vtk-vc project’s Character Set property from Multi-Byte to Unicode, the compiler reports some problems.
I changed the code and makes the problems dispeared.
But when I start runing the program , it breaks down.
I have looked the VTK solution, all of its projects use Multi-Byte Character Set.
The vc compiler always recommend to use Unicode Character Set, so I want to know how to deal with this situation.
Whether I have to change the VTK solution to use Unicode Character Set first(But how to do it, there are so many projects in the solution),Or just change my own appliction?
Thanks for any suggestion.
Sincerely Chen
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