[vtkusers] Why is the text of vtkCaptionWidget displayed at the default position no matter what position value I set?

David Lonie david.lonie at kitware.com
Tue Oct 25 10:16:12 EDT 2016

Are you also setting the attachment point? From the vtkCaptionActor2D docs:

 * To use the caption actor, you normally specify the Position and Position2
 * coordinates (these are inherited from the vtkActor2D superclass). (Note
 * that Position2 can be set using vtkActor2D's SetWidth() and SetHeight()
 * methods.)  Position and Position2 define the size of the caption, and a
 * third point, the AttachmentPoint, defines a point that the caption is
 * associated with.

Also relevant:

 * The trickiest part about using this class is setting Position, Position2,
 * and AttachmentPoint correctly. These instance variables are
 * vtkCoordinates, and can be set up in various ways. In default usage, the
 * AttachmentPoint is defined in the world coordinate system, Position is
 * lower-left corner of the caption and relative to AttachmentPoint (defined
 * in display coordaintes, i.e., pixels), and Position2 is relative to
 * Position and is the upper-right corner (also in display
 * coordinates).


On Tue, Oct 25, 2016 at 10:02 AM, Liu_tj <tjlp at netease.com> wrote:

> Hi, David,
> I follow your tips. It doesn't work. The text is still displayed at the
> default position.
> Thanks
> Liu Peng
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> default position no matter what position value I set?
> On Sun, Oct 23, 2016 at 11:13 AM, Liu_tj <tjlp at netease.com> wrote:
>> Hi, VTK guys,
>> When I display a vtkCaptionWidget, I want to set the position of the
>> text. So I call the vtkActor2D:;SetPostion() and SetPosition2(), but when
>> the widget is displayed, the text is alway at the left bottom corner, why?
>> Below is my C# code:
>> [snip]
>> rep.GetCaptionActor2D().GetTextActor().SetPosition(textPos1[0],
>> textPos1[1]);
>> rep.GetCaptionActor2D().GetTextActor().SetPosition2(textPos2[0],
>> textPos2[1]);
> Try just setting the position of the caption actor itself. When the
> caption actor renders, it sets the text actor's position. So,
> rep.GetCaptionActor2D().SetPosition(textPos1[0], textPos1[1]);
> rep.GetCaptionActor2D().SetPosition2(textPos2[0], textPos2[1]);
> should get you what you want.
> HTH,
> Dave
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