[vtkusers] I'm pleased to announce VTKAda version 7.1.0 free edition release 27/11/2016

Leonid Dulman leonid_dulman at yahoo.co.uk
Sun Nov 27 11:39:03 EST 2016

VTKAda is Ada-2012  port to VTK (Visualization Toolkit by Kitware, Inc) and Qt5 application and UI framework by NokiaVTK version 7.1.0, Qt version 5.7.0(5.8.0beta) open source and vtkc.dll,vtkc2.dll,qt5c.dll(libvtkc.so,libvtkc2.so,libqt5c.so) were built with Microsoft Visual Studio 2015  in Windows (WIN32)and gcc  in Linux  x86-64Package was tested with gnat gpl 2012 ada compiler in Windows 10  64bit,Debian 8.3 x86-64
As a role ADA is used in embeded systems, but with VTKADA(+QTADA) you can build any desktop applications with powerful 2D/3D rendering and imaging (games, animations, emulations) GUI, Database connection, server/client, Internet browsing and many others thinks.
VTKADA you can be used without QTADA subsystem 
Qt5Ada and VTKAda for Windows, Linux (Unix) is available fromhttps://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B2QuZLoe-yiPbmNQRl83M1dTRVE&usp=sharing (google drive. It can be mounted as virtual drive or directory or viewed with Web Browser) 
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