[vtkusers] Which Vtk Module to build to have access to "vtkButterflySubdivisionFilter.h" , "vtkLoopSubdivisionFilter.h" and "vtkLinearSubdivisionFilter.h"

Remi Charrier remi.charrier at gmail.com
Thu Jun 30 11:32:23 EDT 2016


I would like to try the following filters:
in order to increase the number of cells in my 3D models.

I have the source files but they didn't compile as I probably did not
include them in the CMake process. However I still don't understand where
to find to which vtkmodule a specific file is linked. I thought it was
based on the folders name but in this case, the path is :
in the cmakelist.txt of this folder I find that it may be associated with
But I don't have this module or entry in the Cmake window.
Any help would be welcome.
Thanks in advance
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