[vtkusers] Relationship between interactor/render window and VTKRenderWindowInteractor for VTK Charting

arasu arasakumaran at yahoo.com
Sun Jun 26 07:11:00 EDT 2016

The problem is similiar to the one reported by Elvis Stansvik earlier this month about creating and displaying Chart in own Window. 

I am using C++ on Windows and VTK7.0. I am not using QT. I have adapted the MFC version that comes with VTK to not be dependent on MFC. I am using the lines below (based on the documentation shows for QT )

I am able to get the chart to display on the Window I create in the program. However the Interactor does not work - i.e. mouse actions do not pan/zoom the chart. 

I have no such problem when using VTK for other visualizations -creating and connecting Mapper / Actor / Renderer / Interactor etc. and connecting the renderwindow to the renderer.   The visualization is shown in my window and the display responds to mouse and keyboard actions.    What do I need to do in order to do the same with VTK Charting ? The interacting seems to have been initialized and started as I can put a break in the program and step through the Interactor code for mouse events.

Thanks in advance,

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