[vtkusers] Issues with QVTKWidget with VTK 7.1 (devel) OpenGL1

Patricio Palma C. patriciop at gmail.com
Thu Jun 23 12:14:53 EDT 2016

Hello Expert

I'm using a development snapshot of VTK 7.1 with OpenGL1. I'm having a
couple of issues when using QVTKWidget. When the application is executed on
a machine with GPU, the QVTKWidget seems transparent showing the structure
mixed with the background and the terminal text :).

The same application executed with on a machine with no GPU using Mesa 7
shows the structure like made of broken glass (it seems that the back side
of some cells are reversed).

Is this a know issue? Do you know if it's possible to solve it and avoid
the transparency on QVTKWidget and the issues with Mesa?

Patricio Palma Contreras
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