[vtkusers] Bug or feature: incomplete table returned by vtkDataObjectToTable for arrays of varying length

Grothausmann, Roman Dr. grothausmann.roman at mh-hannover.de
Thu Jun 23 08:59:08 EDT 2016

I figured out, that it is possible to force a complete output by setting 
NumberOfTuples to the maximum found but the output then is only correct for 
those arrays who already had this length:

Instead of solving this issue I resorted to a specific vtpFD2csv:

On 14/06/16 08:34, Grothausmann, Roman Dr. wrote:
> Before I start to write my own CSV export, iterating over each array
> individually, I'm wondering whether the incomplete table returned by
> vtkDataObjectToTable for arrays of varying length is intended?
> On 11/06/16 11:00, Grothausmann, Roman Dr. wrote:
>> Dear mailing list members,
>> I'm trying to export vtp-FieldData with arrays of varying length (as in the
>> attached VTP) to CSV:
>> https://github.com/romangrothausmann/VTK-CLIs/blob/master/vtp2csv.cxx
>> However, it seems the vtkTable returned by vtkDataObjectToTable only holds as
>> many rows as the first encountered array has. I had a look at
>> vtkDataSetAttributes.cxx and vtkFieldData.cxx but their ShallowCopy do not use
>> an iterator whose length I could set.
>> How can I export as many rows as the longest array holds, as e.g. Paraview's
>> CSV-exporter does?
>> Any help or hints are very much appreciated
>> Roman
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