[vtkusers] Trackball style ('t') interaction with QVTKRenderWindowInteractor behaves strange

Elvis Stansvik elvis.stansvik at orexplore.com
Mon Jun 20 07:08:57 EDT 2016

2016-06-16 14:37 GMT+02:00 Elvis Stansvik <elvis.stansvik at orexplore.com>:

> Launching QVTKRenderWindowInteractor.py as a script, which brings up the
> built-in cone example, if I hit 't' to switch to trackball style
> interaction and then rotate the camera around for a few seconds, when I
> release the mouse there's a noticable delay before the movement stops.
> The delay seems related to the time the interaction went on: If I rotate
> around for a longer period, the period between releasing the mouse and the
> movement finally stopping is longer.
> Any idea what might be going on here?

I've now found older reports of this on this list, and turns out it was a
Qt 5 bug:


It's fixed in 5.6, but we're basing our product on Kubuntu 16.04. Is there
nothing that can be done on the VTK or application side to work around this
on the buggy Qt versions?

Is anyone else in the same boat?


> Elvis
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