[vtkusers] About MouseEvents.py example

Elvis Stansvik elvis.stansvik at orexplore.com
Fri Jun 17 09:44:35 EDT 2016

2016-06-17 15:31 GMT+02:00 David Gobbi <david.gobbi at gmail.com>:

> On Fri, Jun 17, 2016 at 7:15 AM, Elvis Stansvik <
> elvis.stansvik at orexplore.com> wrote:
>> When you say "interaction bindings", do you mean like a pluggable event
>> handler that you can set on your QWidget subclass, to handle your custom
>> events?
> widget.bind(eventDescriptor,  observerMethod, modifierFlags)
> where "eventDescriptor" describes the characteristics of the event to be
> captured, "observerMethod" is the method that will receive the event, and
> "modifierFlags" is for other details, e.g. whether to dispatch during the
> capture phase or the bubble phase, whether this binding should override
> existing bindings, etc.

Ah, I see. Thanks for taking the time to describe. I think I'll do some


>  - David
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