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David Gobbi david.gobbi at gmail.com
Sun Feb 28 12:12:35 EST 2016

Hi Lonni,

Give me a quick overview of your pipeline, because currently your
explanation doesn't quite make sense.  For example, you say that
GetMapperPosition() returns x,y but it should return x,y,z.  What
mapper are you using?  I don't yet have enough info to give you an

 - David

On Sun, Feb 28, 2016 at 10:02 AM, Lonni Besançon <lonni.besancon at gmail.com>

> Hi David,
> I just thought you might be able to help me again.
> I use the GetMapperPosition() to get the position of my finger on the
> slice.
> It gives me a x and y position comprised between -0.5 and 0.5.
> From there I would like to get the position of this point in the dataset
> which I slice from.
> So basically I have a volume with 3 dimensions, and the slice on which my
> finger is on is just a slice of width 1 of this dataset. At anytime I know
> the UserMatrix of my volume and of my plane. I also know at which depth is
> my plane.
> What I initially tried is: userMatrixVolume.inverse() * matrixPlane *
> positionOfFinger
> The position of my finger is initialised thanks to GetMapperPosition() +
> the
> depth of the plane, the matrixPlane by the current matrix of the plane and
> the userMatrixVolume.inverse() is simply the inverse of my userMatrix of
> the
> volume.
> I thought this would work right away because " userMatrixVolume.inverse() *
> matrixPlane" is what I use to create a matrix to use in SetResliceAxes() to
> update my slice when the volume or the plane is moved.
> However, it does not seem to in that case.
> Would you know what I may be doing wrong here?
> That's more of a math issue I guess in my case than a general VTK issue
> though.
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