[vtkusers] Export VRML to VTK ASCII format

Jose Soto sotoglzz at gmail.com
Fri Feb 26 02:27:08 EST 2016

Dear VTK users.

Hello, I'm using the kinect for scan vegetation and currently I'm working
with kinfu_remake, however this code export 3D models to a VRML file for
the Visualization Toolkit, I've never work with VTK and is very much easier
work with a .ply format or .pcd.
So, I'm trying to export this VRML file to a VTK ASCII format and then with
PCL to a .ply. I'm follow the wiki examples but I'm getting errors during
the convertion, this my code:

int main(int argc, char *argv[ ])
  if(argc < 3)
    std::cerr << "Required arguments: input.vrml output.vtk" << std::endl;
    return EXIT_FAILURE;

  std::string inputFileName = argv[1];
  std::string outputFileName = argv[2];

// Read the input
  vtkSmartPointer<vtkXMLPolyDataReader> reader =

// Export file
  vtkSmartPointer<vtkPolyDataWriter> writer =

  return EXIT_SUCCESS;

So, if somebody can tell me what I'm doing wrong and give some tips or give
me a hand, that would be great

Thanks, in advance
José Soto
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