[vtkusers] Add sphere to current slice (vtkImageReslice)

Enzo Ferlin enzo.ferlin at micromar.com
Mon Feb 22 12:32:59 EST 2016


I'm trying to add a sphere to the current slice of a rendered DICOM volume.

Basically, I'm using this code:


The only difference being that I use
MouseWheelForwardEvent/MouseWheelBackwardEvent to reslice and I intercept
left button press on my custom interactor (vtkInteractorStyleImage) to add
a sphere on that position.

The sphere is added in the correct position (as an addition, I can already
measure the correct distance (mm) between 2 added spheres).
My problem is that when I scroll to go back/forward another slice, these
spheres stays in front of the volume.

I want those spheres appear only when I pass through that particular slice
that they were added.

How could I accomplish that?

Thank in advance.
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